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Tokyo DisneySea lies right next to Toyko Disneyland in Tokyo’s (東京) unique and spacious Disney Resort.

The two of them are of course both Disney themed but cater towards a slightly different audience. You can easily visit both of the attraction with kids. But if you’re just looking to go with your partner and/or adult friends then DisneySea might be the better destination.

The rides and shops are designed to appeal to adults as well which might make them more enjoyable for some. In addition, restaurants inside DisneySea also offer alcoholic beverages as opposed to Disneyland.

The food options in general are a littler broader than in the neighboring theme park.

Tokyo DisneySea is made up of seven differently themed areas that refer to legends of the sea or famous ports and islands around the world. The list is as follows:

Mysterious Island

Inspired by the science fiction novels of Jules Verne, this area is located inside the huge volcano in the heart of Tokyo DisneySea. You can board a submarine or a science vessel to explore the area.

Mermaid Lagoon

This one is catered towards children mostly. It’s a reconstruction of sceneries from “The Little Mermaid” where you can explore the underwater world of the fairytale.

Mediterranean Harbor

As the name suggests, this area is built after an Italian inspired port town. It reminds you of Venice as you can boards boats and float around the canals just like in the famous city in northeastern Italy. Mediterranean Harbor also offers daily shows.

Lost River Delta

Indiana Jones! That’s the theme for the Lost River Delta, designed like an ancient pyramid in a tropical jungle. Just like in the movies, you can explore the ruins and solve riddles to get ahead. Very fun!

Arabian Coast

This is one of the quieter areas that doesn’t offer a lot of rides. The Aladdin inspired Arabian Coast features daily shows presented by the Genie.

American Waterfront

If you’re looking for some western-styled action, this is the place to go. Discover American east coast harbor towns and explore the giant ship that is landed there as well. You can also eat at America themed restaurants and do some shopping for souvenirs.

Port Discovery

Finding Nemo! Dive into a submarine-like vehicle and explore the popular underwater scenery. In addition, you can find futuristic port buildings as well as gear and enjoy the Aquatopia attraction with many fountains and whirlpools.

Opening Hours & Admission Fee

  • Opened every day of the week, normally from 8:00-22:00 (this can change on some days); last entry one hour before closing time
  • There are no closed days throughout the year
  • 7,400 Yen (58€/$65; exchange rates as of December 2018) for adults; 6,400 Yen (50€/$57) for juniors (age of 12-17); 4,800 Yen (37,50€/$42) for children (age of 4-11); children of age 3 and under are free of charge.

Similarly to Tokyo Skytree (東京スカイツリー), there are different types of tickets available. You can purchase same-day tickets at the entrance the day you’re visiting, but those have a chance to become invalid if the venue is too busy on that day (meaning you won’t be able to enter but will get your money back). To avoid this, you can either purchase a ticket in advance at the ticket booth, from the official websites or at Disney stores. If you’re not yet sure on which day to visit, you can buy an “open date” ticket that is valid for up to one year after purchase.
A special case, where same-day tickets will still grant entry even on very busy days, is if you are a guest in one of the Disney hotels or a hotel that is partnered with DisneySea. Tickets purchased through those hotels will always grant access

How to get to Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea is located in the Tokyo Bay area just next to Disneyland.

From Tokyo Station:

Take the Keiyo Line (red) to Maihama Station. This takes about 17 minutes and costs 220 Yen (1,72€/$1.93).
Next, you can either walk for roughly 15 minutes to reach the entrance of DisneySea or take a bus (number 2, 4, 6, 14 or 20) to Orientarurandohonshamae bus stop and walk only 7 minutes to the entrance. The bus rides costs an additional 150 Yen (1,17€/$1.32).


Tokyo DisneySea is a very nice place to visit if you’re into theme parks. A must-visit for every Disney fan without a doubt.

If you want to check out all 7 areas of the park, which I recommend you do, then you should plan the whole day for the venue. The waiting times can be rough especially on holidays or weekends (do not go on these days if you can avoid it) and to get your money’s worth, you should do as much as possible.

It’s fun for children and adults alike so you won’t be bored!

As mentioned earlier, when choosing between which of the two parks to visit when it comes to a date or a meet-up with friends I would recommend DisneySea.

If after visiting this you haven’t had enough Disney yet you can check out the neighboring Disneyland on another day. I’ll cover this one in my next post!

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