Tokyo Station Guide

Tokyo Station (東京駅) is one of Tokyo’s (東京) central transportation hubs and the main platform for the long-distance trains called Shinkansen (新幹線).

From here, you will depart to Kyoto (京都) if that is on your itinerary.

The station is located in the Marunouchi business district in central Tokyo, very close to the Imperial Palace.

Tokyo Station’s distinctive red-brick building dates back to 1914, before both World Wars. In these, the station took substantial damage and its reparations have only just been finished in 2012.

Additionally, the building is currently undergoing construction for other extensions to the station complex. These are mainly in order to better accommodate the mass of people coming to the city for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Despite it being the main station of Tokyo, it is not the busiest one. This spot is taken by Shinjuku (新宿) Station which has 2-3 million passengers passing through daily.

Tokyo Station Facilities & Services

As one of the biggest and busiest stations in all of Japan (日本), Tokyo Station has a lot to offer except train services.

There are multiple JR offices throughout the station where you can activate your Japan Rail Pass if you have one. Furthermore, you can purchase the Suica IC-Card which I highly recommend because it is heavenly convenient.

Tokyo Station also houses two tourist information centers with English speaking staff.

Other than that, you have your typical collection of stores, cafes and restaurants. A wide variety of lockers for your luggage as well as services such as luggage forwarding, pocket WiFi, SIM Cards or car rentals (I don’t recommend doing this in Tokyo, you will not have fun driving around the busy metropolis. Besides, the public transportation system is top-notch).

Outside of the complex, you can of course find a bus and taxi terminal, from where you can get pretty much anywhere in Tokyo.

How to get to Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station lies just next to Tokyo Imperial Palace in central Tokyo. It’s just two major stops south of Akihabara (秋葉原) Station, a highly anticipated stop for many visitors.

When you arrive in either Haneda (羽田) or Narita (成田) Airport, Tokyo Station might just naturally be one of your first destinations. Especially if your accommodation is centrally located.

The station is part of the JR Yamanote Line circular path, so you’ll have a very easy time to get to it from pretty much anywhere.


Tokyo Station is undeniably one of the gateways to the city. Most of you will probably land in Tokyo, but if you ever do longer trips outside the city, you will likely find yourself back at said station.

The unique station building along with all the neat shopping and dining opportunities make a trip to the station worth it even if you don’t plan on going anywhere via train.

Its location is a handy way of navigating through the city as it’s pretty much as central as you can be. Additionally, it is very close to the Tokyo Bay Area with many highlights such as the Hamarikyu Gardens, Ginza district or the good old Tsukiji Fish Market.

All-in-all, Tokyo Station has everything you need and will bring you anywhere you want to go. Brilliant, isn’t it?

That’s all for Tokyo Station, I hope you enjoyed it!

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